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Hello! My name is Lion of course, and I have decided to open a server on Minecraft. It is a towny server, but I am planning many things to have it stand out. Some of the features include jobs, in game ranks bought with money, special events with surprises like a plague or server war, updated plug ins, a secret group ;), a user-run mall, auctions, charities, casinos, item drops, and more.

But I can't run a server by myself.

That'd be no fun.

So I need you guys, to help me get this server up and running, bringing in people, and moderating it as it grows. The staff team will be small at first, but for every ___ amount of members a new staff member will be voted on and added.

Staff Titles and How Many On Launch [/b][/font]
Goddess (Admin) -> 1 (me lol srz)
Arch Angel (Moderator) -> 1
Angel (Helper) -> 2 or 3

The numbers for Angels are a bit flexible, less so for Arch Angel but there's still a possibility.

What The Staff Will Do
All: Help me test the sever, i.e. test the connection, test the plug ins, look for bugs. Also will help get the hype up among friends by spreading the website url. Rewards will be given per recommendation that joins.
Arch Angel(s): Help with coding the server, building the spawn, building the website, and other general stuff to get the server started.
Angels: Nothing but the "all" job.

All: Continuously moderate the chatbox for rule breaking, help with questions from users, and recommend users for possible promotions.
Arch Angel(s): Have the ability to ban users and make temporary important decisions having to do with the server. Can mute users. Help fixes bugs that arise if possible. Can roll back griefing. Can build/create/activate shop portals. Monitors shop portals.
Angels: Can kick users from the server and mute members from the chatbox. Can not roll back griefing and must run important decisions through a Goddess or an Arch Angel, as well as reporting bugs to them.

Arch Angel(s): Must have server and website coding experience, and understand the lingo. I must know you and trust you. Must have Minecraft skills such as building and PvPing. Must be an active Minecraft user. Must have knowledge of basic commands and the ability to memorize the server specific commands, enchantments, and rules as well as keeping tabs on the economy and serving prices. Preferably has prior server staff experience. Must be at least 15.
Angels: Must have experience in playing Minecraft and skills in building and PvPing. Must be an active Minecraft user and someone I know. Must have knowlege of basic commands and the ability to memorize server specific comands, enchantments, and rulesas well as keeping tabs on the economy and selling prices. Previous staff experience not required to be considered. Must be at least 15.

Rank You Want:
Prior Staff Experience?:
If Yes, On What Server?:
If Arch Angel, do you have
Coding Experience?:
The Ability To Make Important Decisions?:
About How Many Hours Are You on Minecraft Daily?:
Do You Consider Yourself Skillful?:
Do You Consider Yourself Knowledgeable?:
Why Do You Want To Be a Staff Member?:

*This will be posted on multiple sites**
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17 year ol' girl that loves demons.

Not sure what I'm going to do anymore.

Message me if you know of pagan-y groups on here.

I'm writing a thing.

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